Required verification documents

In the document centre, you will be asked for three documents:

1. Government-Issued Photo ID

Coinsquare accepts valid passports, driver’s licences, service cards, and national identity cards.

For driver’s licence, service cards, identity cards and photo cards you must upload the front and back of the document (please use the “Driver’s Licence” category). Health cards are NOT accepted for any province or territory with the exception of Quebec.

Passports must show the photo ID page.

2. Proof-of-Residence Document

Your Proof-of-Residence document must include your full name, full address and recent date. The date listed on your document must be within 4 months of your verification request. Coinsquare will not accept documents that are older than 4 months.

Coinsquare accepts the following documents as proof-of-residence:

Utility bills

Bank statements

Insurance statements

Government notices

Canada Pension Plan (CPP) statement

Property tax assessment

Provincially issued vehicle registration

Benefits statements (federal, provincial, territorial and municipal levels)

CRA letters including Notice of assessment, GST refund, Requirement to pay, etc.

T4 statement

Record of employment

Investment account statements (RRSP, GIC, etc.)

3. Selfie Verification

Coinsquare requires you to submit a selfie verifying that you are a real person. You must take a picture that includes your full face and the 5-digit account number listed on the document centre.

Users must physically hold up their 5-digit code, we will not accept documents that have been altered with photo-editing software.

The Document Centre is not instant. It may take up to 2 business days for verification.