Funding with Credit Card

*Please note that digital currency must be purchased immediately upon funding with credit card.*

To fund your account using a credit card:

1. Sign in to your Coinsquare account.

2. Click the ‘Fund’ tab.

Sign in to your Coinsquare account and click the Fund tab.

3. Select CAD from the menu on the left hand side.

4. Select Credit Card as your funding method.

5. Select or enter the amount you wish to fund, as well as the digital currency you wish to convert to.

6. Proceed to enter your credit card details to fund your account.

Important Notes:

Credit card fees are 10%. The minimum funding amount by credit card is $100 and the maximums are $5000/day, $10,000/week, $10,000/month. There is also a lifetime funding limit of $120,000. Digital currency must be purchased immediately when funding by credit card. There is a 7 day withholding period on amounts funded by credit card. Note that your name and address as indicated in your Coinsquare account must match the name and address on file for your credit card. Credit card funding is instant.